Come now – let us read together

I’ve had Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis, gathering dust for probably almost a decade. My copy is old; like a kid in a candy store (to use the phrase incorrectly), I asked for it sheepishly on the outside and hopefully on the inside when we were visiting some friends at their lake house, where it also sat and gathered dust.

I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve seen many good quotes from the book on many friends’ Facebook profiles. I’ve read some good selections the three times I’ve picked it up to start reading it.

I think that I am maybe the only Christian who hasn’t read it. So here it goes. But I need accountability. That’s where you come in. Since Oprah probably won’t feature this one soon in her Book Club, I’ll start my own, sad, miniscule version of one. If you’d care to join me, you have a week to procure a copy (click here or on the title of this post for an online version; I like paper). I’ll start reading it next Monday (I’ll put up here in a few days what I plan to read when). Then on Sunday, I’ll post my thoughts on the selection for the week, where you can also add your thoughts, and we can discuss until the next week.
How does that sound? Think you can join me? This is for everyone – newbies to the book or those who have read it a thousand times.
For those who have read it before, what stands out to you about the book – good and bad? Were you challenged by anything? What didn’t you agree with and why? Would you approach anything covered in the book differently? What was spot on? What’s your favorite color? Blood type?

Mudpies Instead of Sandcastles = War on the Floor

I know it’s been awhile, but I came across this great video from Desiring God. It offers a haunting reminder of what it means to waste one’s life.

You can see their original post here:
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Mothers-in-Law Write the Darnedest Things

Here’s a cool parable from my mother-in-law.  I don’t know her source, so no plagiarism is intended.

Three men were walking on a wall,
Feeling, Faith, and Fact.
When Feeling took an awful fall,
And Faith was taken back,
So close was Faith to Feeling,
He stumbled and fell too.
But Fact remained,
And pulled Faith back,
And Faith brought Feeling too.”
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A Thought for the Day

Ponder this thought by a great American poet…

“A word to the wise ain’t necessary – it’s the stupid ones that need the advice.”

Bill Cosby
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The Unexpecteds

Our presuppositions about life and what’s coming next are often taken too seriously, kind of like using a road atlas.  You assume that it’s absolutely correct and that it contains all that there is to know about every bend in the road.  However, it’s not until you’re driving down that road – off of the paper – that you actually discover that hidden, unmarked scenic overlook or that surprisingly delicious greasy spoon or that detour that actually takes you down the higher road.

When we come to those “unexpecteds” in our lives, we’re surprised.  We’re baffled at how we couldn’t see them coming through the fog of our expectations.  We think that we have the perfect route figured out.  But the God “who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think” isn’t surprised.  And those peace-yielding surprises confound our own wisdom and point our hearts to Him in praise – in awe of his timing and in wonder of his ways.
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New Year, New Blog

I wish that I had something brilliant to write for my first post on my new blog.  But I don’t.  Sorry.  Oh yeah – I can feel the readership skyrocketing.

So, I’ll just start off by saying that I’m starting this new blog so that people can make comments on the things that are said, because I’m egotistical like that and need all that praise and stuff for the great things that I’m writing.
If you’d like to access my old blog for some reason, just click here.

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O Wretched Blogger That I Am

Our little, snow-covered house when we came home.

I’m still learning the fine art of blogging…

For those of you that have been following along with the Advent posts, I’m sorry.  When I decided to commit myself to blogging everyday of Advent, I didn’t take into consideration the fact that I would be moving back to North America and unpacking, sorting, and the like.  As well, we won’t have internet until next week, which also impedes our blogging and general web-surfing abilities.  So, you may have noticed that I went ahead and posted the verses for the days that I missed, but I’ll be adding to them, once we have internet.  So, if you’re feeling extra Christmasy this year and want to prolong that yuletide cheer, then check back every once in a while to see the updates.

Until then, it’s virtual radio silence for us.

Over and out.

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