Making Fan-Blade Shelves for Greenies

17 Jun

Do you have enough carpentry and DIY know-how to put Bob Villa to shame?  Or conversely, does the thought of changing a light bulb strike your heart with fear?  No matter where you fall, this guide is for you!

There’s a lot of talk these days about being green.  Which is strange, because didn’t “green” used to mean “envious?”  I guess it’s one of those cool-is-nice, bad-is-good, sick-is-awesome, EVOO-is-extra-virgen-olive-oil type of things.  No matter — here’s a way for you to be green in the strictest non-envious, highly environmental, most politically correct sense: build-your-own fan-blade shelves!

Perhaps you have a table in need of shelving intervention and an old ceiling fan lying around with no purpose but to collect dust.  Well, now they too can enjoy the benefits of being green!

1. Here’s what you’ll need: *At least two fan blades. *A pen *Masking or duct tape (depending on the color of the “wood”) *Super-glue (optional)

2. Take two blades and overlap the narrow ends. Place them between the two side-bar thingies (Bob Villa may have DIY savvy, but this author does not; hence, fan-blade shelves) of the table in question, which you would like to add shelves to. Now, hold that position, and move them to your work surface.

3. If you will be adding super glue (see it’s pros below), then mark where the top blade overlaps the bottom blade, as seen at the right.

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