To Chicago and Back

12 Jun

Here we are at one of our favorite stores in the world --IKEA! We got to walk around the store and admire all of the wonderful Swedish-inspired furniture...we even had time to stop and enjoy lunch and bottles of sparkling juice!

Little did we know four weeks ago that we would spend an awesome weekend with my parents and some friends in the United States!

We knew that we would be leaving Panama for three days, because we have to leave the country for three days every three months.  But for the last several months, we had planned on going to another Central American country.  However, after researching plane tickets, we discovered that it would be less expensive to fly to Chicago and meet up with my parents than it would be to go anywhere else.  So, off we went!

It all started with a crazy experience at the airport in Panama.  It was almost midnight when we got there, so most of our memories are probably the result of being semi-delusional, but they were still odd.  To make a long story short, it involved being screened three times, moving gates, and water being thrown up on the walls of the jetway.

We arrived at O’Hare, met up with my parents, and then headed to eat some good, ole’ ‘merican food at the Corner Bakery, a place we tried last year when we were in Chicago.  It was sooooo good to have “familiar” food again.  After that, we headed to the hotel that my parents had gotten for us.  We had an impromptu baby shower for Jessica…people from church and family had sent gifts for Corban with Mom and Dad.  And, because the hotel room had a kitchen, Mom made tenderloin sandwiches, Jello pretzel salad, broccoli raisin salad, and of course, oatmeal cake!!!

Saturday, we spent a lot of the day at IKEA, drooling over everything that we don’t need and won’t buy but still enjoy looking at.  Saturday was also a productive day, as I was able to get my eyes checked and contacts ordered and Mom and Jess were able to go shopping for things that we needed to get for the baby.  That night, we ate at a restaurant in downtown Chicago, Cafe Ibérico.

Sunday was spent with Andy and Emily Warkin, friends from college, who live in Lake Geneva, WI.  We enjoyed going to church with them, visiting with them, eating oatmeal cake and dinner with them, and sheltering from a tornado with them.  All in all, it was a great day.

The whole weekend was a blur, but we are so thankful for the little things that God does.

Pictures from the weekend…

Chicago 2008 — Friday

Chicago 2008 — Saturday

Chicago 2008 — Sunday

Here is a map of our weekend.

Blue = Friday

Red = Saturday

Green = Sunday

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